How you can tell the difference and the solution.

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Relationship dependency refers to needing to be with a person so that your emotional needs are met. This type of relationship is based on a person’s fears of being alone rather than being with the person because they love them.

Relationship dependency usually happens as a result of childhood trauma. Things like past neglect and forming bad relationships can cause relationship dependency. You may start to think that this is the only person that you can trust and that you can’t lose them under any circumstances.

And how to write an effective well thought out list.

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Studies show that people achieve their goals and perform better when they write things down. If you struggle to be organised and get things done then a to-do list may be the answer.

Psychologist Shamarukh Chowdhury did a study that involved 300 students. During the study, some of the students created to-do lists, while the others did not. The results showed that when a formal to-do list is created there are fewer delays in getting things done.

Benjamin Franklin was a successful well-known author and scientist and frequently used to-do lists to help with his self-improvement. …

Is it the end of the road?

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Relationships should be loving and stable. Unfortunately, sometimes things can go sour, leaving us feeling unhappy and unfulfilled.

Many of us know how it feels to be in a relationship that has run its course. I am guilty of staying in a past relationship longer than I should have because I found it difficult to walk away. You may be unsure if your relationship can be saved, or if it’s time to go…

My top tried and tested tips.

Girl holding a love symbol
Girl holding a love symbol
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Looking for love can be much harder than it looks. There are some people out there who are lucky in love, and find the love of their life with very little effort. What about those of us that are not lucky in love? How do we go about finding love? Well, that is the big question that many of us ask.

I was single for many years. I had a small circle of friends, and never met anybody new through my social circle. I also felt as though there was not an opportunity to meet people through my job because…

Start to love Mondays

We all want to be successful in the world of work. Success at work can be measured in a range of ways. Maybe you judge success by the amount you earn or maybe you feel that success is about doing the type of work that you’ve always dreamed of. Whatever your goals we have compiled these top tips on finding the work that you love!

Tailor your CV

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. A CV and covering letter is the first thing that a prospective employer will see, and this…

And the signs that they will never make that commitment to you.

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Marriage is seen by many as the ultimate commitment. While some people see marriage as a really important next step in a relationship, others don’t think that marriage is a big deal.

Marriage rates are declining, which may be a sign of the future trend. In the US, the rates of marriage hit an all time low in 2018. It has been reported that the countries that have the lowest rates of marriage are Luxembourg and Italy.

If marriage is something that is really important to you then you need to identify if your partner is likely to marry you…

Learn how to feel good and live again.

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Social anxiety is fear, and sometimes avoidance of social situations. People with social anxiety are uncomfortable meeting other people. It is a debilitating condition that stops people from being able to interact in a normal way and can affect a person’s quality of life.

Some people believe that social anxiety is brought on by negative childhood experiences. Situations like childhood bullying, rejection, and isolation can be triggers for social anxiety in later life.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), 1 in 13 people around the world suffers from social anxiety.

It is important to get help for anxiety because…

How you might be able to change things.

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Relationships take work from both parties for things to work. At the start of most relationships, everything is rosy, and there is mutual respect. Further down the line, things can change and you may become annoyed with things like your partner not pulling their weight around the house or the things that they say, for example.

Statistics show that divorce rates are increasing around the world, and experts say that the pandemic will, unfortunately, make things worse. …

These small changes can help you to be slimmer.

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World obesity levels have tripled since the 70s. We now live in a world where fast food is available more than ever before. Convenience is everything to us these days. This includes driving everywhere, not doing much exercise, and being generally laid back about our lifestyle habits.

Because of the way that we live our lives more people than ever want to lose weight through diet or exercise. If you have ever tried to lose weight, then you will know that it takes work and discipline. …

Use stress to your advantage

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Stress is a feeling of pressure often caused by not feeling like you’re in control. The causes of stress are different for each person. One person may feel stressed because of a job, while other people may be stressed by things in their personal lives.

It is important to manage stress because over a long period of time stress can lead to health complications. Panic attacks, high blood pressure, headaches, and chest pains can all be caused by stress.

The good news is that stress can be managed and once we know how to deal with stress we can recognise…

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