We live in an age of overconsumption and it does not benefit us

These days we are more obsessed than ever with having a dream designer home. Everyone that I know creates the dream garden complete with outdoor furniture and beautiful lawns.

Inside our homes, we love modern stylish furniture, cosy rugs, and matching colours. When it comes to designing our homes many…

How you can create a great lifestyle on a budget wage

I was recently talking to a friend who explained that she had a low-paying job whilst studying. She went on to explain that some of the customers that she served would look down their nose at her. It resonated with me because I had similar experiences when I was younger…

There are so many things involved and it can be a minefield

Entrepreneurs do not succeed by chance. There is a misconception amongst some that they are luckier or were in the right place at the right time. Although this may be true for the select few the majority of entrepreneurs work incredibly hard to make things work.

I’m not an expert…

Lisa Richards

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