It is not just about being good looking

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Do you ever wonder how someone starts a relationship with somebody that is less attractive than them? Maybe you’ve caught yourself thinking how a mismatched couple got together, or maybe you’ve wondered why someone with model looks doesn’t always date a person with similar looks.

The truth is that physical appearance, while important only plays a small part in what people find attractive. Attraction is complex and while physical attraction may work in the initial stages of meeting someone, it is not enough on its own to make somebody feel completely attracted to you. …

Don’t end up struggling if you can avoid it.

Glass filled with coins
Glass filled with coins
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With all the changes going on in the world and in our personal lives, COVID-19, redundancies, and so on, it is so important to take steps to protect yourself financially. None of us can predict the future, and god forbid if you were to get ill or be made redundant. What would you do? And how quickly would you run out of money?

If you can’t work, your outgoings will likely remain the same, causing added pressure to the situation. You may have a family, children, or other people that rely on you for your income, and this makes it…

#3 They Only Talk About Themselves

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When you first meet a person they are on their best behaviour. If you can spot flaws in their personality right from the start then this should definitely not be ignored.

Certain traits can be a sign of things to come if you were to stay with that person. I’m not talking about simple bad habits or individual harmless personality characteristics. What I am referring to are the things that will cause you to be unhappy in a relationship.

Admittedly some people are good at hiding parts of themselves that they don’t want you to see, but there is often…

Is it the end of the road?

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“Letting go means to come to the realization that some people are a part of your history, but not a part of your destiny.” — Steve Maraboli

Relationships should be loving and stable. Unfortunately, sometimes things can go sour, leaving us feeling unhappy and unfulfilled.

Many of us know how it feels to be in a relationship that has run its course. I am guilty of staying in a past relationship longer than I should have because I found it difficult to walk away. You may be unsure if your relationship can be saved, or if it’s time to go…

My top tried and tested tips.

Girl holding a love symbol
Girl holding a love symbol
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Looking for love can be much harder than it looks. There are some people out there who are lucky in love, and find the love of their life with very little effort. What about those of us that are not lucky in love? How do we go about finding love? Well, that is the big question that many of us ask.

I was single for many years. I had a small circle of friends, and never met anybody new through my social circle. I also felt as though there was not an opportunity to meet people through my job because…

And how these blocks can be successfully removed.

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We are hard-wired as humans to want to find love. It is not always straight forward and many blocks can stop this from happening.

Love blocks occur as a result of life experiences. When we are children we have fewer worries and fears about forming relationships. Unfortunately, this can change as we get older. sometimes you may not even be aware that you have love blocks, and this means that you would need to identify them before things can be resolved.

You may have blocks if you feel unable to hold a conversation with a potential love through irrational fear…

Based on where the research says are the most popular hotspots.

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Some people are fortunate enough not to have had to look for love. It might be that they are introduced to somebody within their social circle or they may have a chance encounter with someone. For others, it is an uphill battle, where they never meet somebody right for them.

Bars and nightclubs are not the ideal places for a chance encounter. There is too much alcohol involved and nobody can hear anything over the loud music. Depending on how much you’ve drunk you may not even remember that you got chatting to someone.

This leaves the question of where…

And the things that you should consider before taking the plunge

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Opinion is split on if ex-couples should try to get back together.

Based on scientific research it is not a good idea to rekindle an old romance. Researchers believe that the pain of a breakup can be worse if a person has to go through it again. There are however many that disagree with this theory.

The reason that you want to try again is also significant in affecting if things will work out. There are various reasons why couples get back together. If it is through fear of being alone for example then this would obviously not be a…

Ignorance is not a defence for certain types of behaviours

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The expression that there’s always one person that ruins the mood can be true. Some people have a natural ability to annoy other people by saying and doing the wrong things.

Nobody wants to be the person that is irritating. Most of the time the offender does not realise how their behaviour is affecting others. I had an experience where a friend within my social circle quite frankly acted like they had a personality disorder. They would explode at the smallest of things, try to control every situation, and would not come up for air, which meant that nobody else…

Self Improvement can be obtained through break ups

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If you’ve ever been through heartbreak then you’ll know how painful it can be. You are left feeling like your life will never be the same again without that person. Life may feel less meaningful after losing love.

Losing a relationship that you want to be in is never easy. One minute you’re loved up and the next, you are forced to say goodbye to somebody that you have feelings for.

Breakups can cause emotional and physical problems. Symptoms like headaches, anxiety, and loss of appetite are not uncommon.

Surprisingly, breakups can help with your personal growth. You may not…

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